A selection of my classwork at Berkeley

Class Human-Readable Title Grade
CS 61A The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs A
CS 61B Data Structures A+
CS 61C Great Ideas of Computer Architecture (Machine Structures) A+
CS 70 Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory A+
CS 161 Computer Security A+
CS 170 Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems A+
CS 189 Introduction to Machine Learning A+
CS 270 (graduate) Combinatorial Algorithms and Data Structures A+
CS 276 (graduate) Cryptography A+
CS 278 (graduate) Machine-Based Complexity Theory A+
CS 294 (graduate) Introduction to Probabilistic Proofs A
EE 16A Designing Information Devices and Systems I A+
EECS 16B Designing Information Devices and Systems II A
EECS 126 Probability and Random Processes A+
EECS 127 Optimization Models in Engineering A+
Math 1A/1B Calculus A+/A+
Math H53 Honors Multivariable Calculus A+
Math 104 Introduction to Analysis A+
Math 110 Linear Algebra A+
Math 113 Introduction to Abstract Algebra A+
Math 128A Numerical Analysis A+
Math 185 Introduction to Complex Analysis A+
Chem/CS/Phys C191 Quantum Information Science and Technology A+
Phys 7A/7B Physics for Scientists and Engineers A+/A
A number of non-technical courses P, A, or A+